Top five benefits of knitting for kids

Top five benefits of knitting for kids

It seems you’re never too young to get into knitting and with many people on the hunt for things to do with the kids during these difficult times, teaching young ones to knit is a great idea.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, when social distancing rules mean that playing with friends isn’t an option, knitting for kids is an excellent way to give them something to do.

Additionally, there are masses of benefits to be gained from knitting which show why learning to knit is such a great thing for young people. Check out the following benefits of knitting for kids and have a think about whether yours could ditch the screens for a bit, pick up the yarn and get crafty.

Knitting is good for young brains

Not only is knitting for kids an excellent skill to learn, but it completely engages the brain, thanks to the need for counting, adding, subtracting and the observation of patterns.  By teaching children to knit from left to right it is thought to help improve their reading skills and it keeps the brain active, too.

Knitting is calming and reduces stress

The repetitive and rhythmic actions of knitting triggers feelings of relaxation and well being, which is hugely beneficial for children who might be feeling stressed or anxious. That has been especially important in 2020 as we find ourselves in a world full of uncertainty. Knitting can be seen almost as a form of meditation and as you relax into what you are doing, it’s easy to forget about the problems going on in the world.

Knitting gives a sense of achievement

Knitting for kids is a way to give them something to be proud of – both in the skill that it gives them and the finished product that they achieve. As such, this feeling of achievement can improve a child’s sense of self worth and make them feel better about themselves – not to mention giving them the ability to create something nice for friends and family.

Knitting teaches perseverance

Knitting for kids shows them that to get great results it takes perseverance and those results don’t necessarily come quickly. Only by persevering with a piece of knitting and perfecting the skill will a child get the finished result they’re looking for and that perseverance is a skill they can use in all aspects of their life.

Knitting improves concentration

Many children these days are accused of having short attention spans. Critics blame the gaming world and the instant availability of having everything to hand. When a child is learning to knit, a great deal of concentration and focus is required, in order to achieve the finished result that they’re looking for, as such they need to remain engaged.

So how do you encourage children to stay engaged when you’re teaching them to knit? With a knitting project that will grab their attention and keep it there, of course! We’ve got plenty of knitting pattern ideas on our website, so if you want to find out more about knitting for kids, why not take a look – or get in touch for more details.